PROBATION: promises freedom of expression and no double standards. That's probably what attracted you here, and it's what keeps us going. This forum was founded to provide a place of pure free speech. That was the intent, and still is. Over its year of existence, has seen rather peculiar and humorous behavior in some of its members. These include spamming the site by posting countless blank messages. Other examples included members posting that their intent was to "destroy" HCT by exploiting its free speech against itself. In short, people wanted to push the envelope as far as they could and see what they could get away with.

This lead to posting guidelines to make some sense of the situation and to standardize the policy. To be banned from HardCoreTalk, one must be a very seriously delinquent character who cannot follow these very fundamental posting guidelines. In short, to be banned, one really has to want to be banned. Even then it's not easy!

Total count of banned members: THREE
Total count on probation: ZERO

NOTE: As to not endorse, encourage, or reward those idiotic enough to make it on this page, name(s) of those banned will not be listed.